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AutoCAD 2010: Geometric Constraints

Start with a rough drawing & apply different geometric constraints such as parallel, perpendicular, colinear to control the drawing. Automate the constraint process with Auto-constraints tool. You can also control the visibility of constraints. Apply equal constraint to mainten equal length for selected lines or equal radius for selected circles. Horizantal constraint will maintain the geometry horizontal. You can also delete the individual constraints if not required or delete all the constraints for selected object. ( AHND5FU6X55S)

AutoCAD 2011 and Autodesk Seek

This AutoCAD 2011 video describes the ability to search for manufacture's dwg content directly from AutoCAD.

AutoCAD 2011: Materials

This AutoCAD 2011 video describes the integration of the Autodesk Materials Library into AutoCAD 2011 for consistent materials.

AutoCAD 2011: Surfaces and Solids

This AutoCAD 2011 video describes tools to combine surface and solid modeling including the new sculpt and projection tools.

AutoCAD 2011: Surface Creation and Editing

This AutoCAD 2011 video describes the ability to create and edit new associative 3D surfaces.

AutoCAD 2011: Solids Editing

This demo describes the new fillet edge tool and the ability to use existing solid faces and edges to create new 3D solids and surfaces.

AutoCAD 2011: Essentials for 3D Conceptual Design

This AutoCAD 2011 video describes basic 3D tools including the new 3D basics workspace, the navigation bar, and spline enhancements.

AutoCAD 2011: Object and Layer Transparency

This AutoCAD 2011 video describes the transparency property for objects and layers.

AutoCAD 2011: Hatch Creation and Editing

This AutoCAD 2011 video describes the context sensitive hatch creation and hatch editing tabs as well as the direct manipulation functionality.

AutoCAD 2011: Polyline and Spline Editing

This AutoCAD 2011 video describes the direct manipulation functionality for pline and spline editing as well as the enhanced join functionality

AutoCAD 2012 : Sheet Sets - General Overview

In this video you can view the overview of sheet set functionality in AutoCAD 2012.

AutoCAD Mechanical 2012: User Interface

Takes you on a tour of the user interface of AutoCAD Mechanical 2012. It also compares the User Interface to AutoCAD's, enabling those familiar with AutoCAD to easily navigate through the tools and commands.

AutoCAD 2011: Introduction

This tutorial provides an introduction to the AutoCAD 2011 user interface.